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A ‘Jesus Cloud!’ – Perhaps more than “a little ray of sunshine”?

21 March 2019

My sister had an expression “a Jesus Cloud” meaning those wonderful clouds that part often in the midst of a storm and let a big ray of sunshine hit the ground.

Recently I discussed “a Little Ray of Sunshine” with a return of buyers to Upper Blue Mountains ‘Open Houses’.

Well, in the last two weeks I’ve had three offers accepted and one Exchanged!

Not exactly a “Jesus Cloud” but more than “a ray”!

This is at a time when the Reserve Bank is commenting on real estate and State and Federal Elections are looming.

However, perhaps there is a bigger picture?

Sydney Vendors, selling at an average of about $1 million, can “live like King or Queen” up here. They escape horrors of Sydney traffic, transport, concrete and crowding.

Have they got over the “wall of worry”, as the stock exchange calls it, still promoted by the Sydney press.

Perception is an amazing thing. Could this actually be the time to buy? – perceptions change very quickly. Publicity for the new airport grows as will the need to accommodate some 20,000 employees! Are they all going to live in Penrith?

I look forward to continue to report on the storm clouds as the next weeks go by.

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