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A Little Ray of Sunshine?!

30 January 2019

I am surprised how many comments I got back from my last mailout “Headbutting Vendors and Buyers in Mexican standoff – a silly time”.

Over Christmas there was a surprising, considering the “standoff”, level of enquiry.

Better still a few Vendors decided to “give it a go”.

The Sydney Press is still “at it” and the Olympic Park Tower hasn’t helped.

BUT the lack of real CONNECTION between what may be happening in the Sydney units, certainly “off the plan” (!?) and its 6-9% drop has with the Upper Blue Mountains perhaps been questioned.

Again the average price in Sydney, even with a 6-9% drop still allows one to live like “King and Queen” up here.

Perhaps in this modern world where things happen so quickly and perceptions change even faster, the bargains might actually be NOW!

I’ve got two new delightful listings here in Wentworth Falls.

It would be very interesting to talk to the buyers, and actually there have already been some inspections, as soon as they went on the Market!

We will no doubt see more at the first Open House next Saturday.

One listing is at 21 Pauline Ave. This is a really cute low maintenance mountains home with a unique glass conservatory.

Have a look.

The other is on ¾ acre within 20 paces of the walkway to Wentworth Falls Lake! It has potential for all sorts of “granny flat” accommodation, a spacious home with a generous section for guests, and two double garages! The link for that is:-

There has been renewed interest in the extraordinary views at 100 Tableland Rd.

Adventurers continue to look at the land at 42 Craigend St.

And guess what!

25 Denison Rd Leura has sold.

That happened over the Christmas/New Year period.

Are the smarties actually making decisions while the others are all pausing?

Perhaps more interesting, actual sales of properties over $1 million is a little higher than it was during the boom!

The smart money won’t buy during a boom and that’s clearly over.

A throw away comment

A throw away comment being made by Buyers looking is “The prices are too high”.

Well there’s a solution to that as one other Agent put it to me and that was “Well, make an offer!”

Sitting on your hands and your wallet may not be so smart.

What this year is going to bring though will be the need for more considered marketing.

The DETAIL will be important in terms of photography, words, and property presentation.

I was advised to “take a year off” but with the glimmers of activity I’m just not so sure.

The next three weeks are going to be critical and by the end of February I will be able to express a strong view as to where I think things may be heading.

Hope this all finds you in an adventurous mood!

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