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1 February 2020

FILM REMADE – The escape from Sydney is back on – big time!

There was a lot of “talk” as to what the FIRES might do to this country including Real Estate $ value!

The turnover of local businesses was dramatically affected during this ghastly period.

However I have now had two weekends of Open Houses across five properties at different prices. I have also had discussions and talked to other Agents and to my Valuer and Conveyancing  Associates.

The fires have not affected property values in the Mountains.

The Upper Mountains property was not lost in the fires.

South and north of Sydney, escapees contemplating those directions were dramatically affected.

Sydney itself had more smoke that we did up here.

 Some cynics believe there may well be people up here looking to buy thinking that prices might be down.


Last weekend I had my best attendance at a first Open Home in over a year.

17 groups and 35 odd people viewed 5 Belvidere Ave at Blackheath.

It would be easy for me to say it was the wonderful advertising and beautiful photography – maybe that assisted. However the escape from Sydney is definitely back on.

Roughly 30% of investors were there, perhaps more in this case, but young families, retirees, “Sydney escapees” who only have to go down to work two or three days a week – thanks to their computer and working from home.

The Sydney Press is positive and is talking about improved Auction clearance rates and price rises that are occurring and projected to occur in Sydney (and Melbourne).

With the average price in Sydney just over $1m, ($1,035,000 is the figure) this means only one thing.

“Sydney Escapees” are well funded and we all know up here how you can live with that sort of money.

I had a gut feeling that this year would commence with a “BANG”!

Wrong – it commenced with a horrible fire season!

BUT with a pause in that horror properly marketed properties up here are SELLING!

23 Claines Cr will probably Exchange tomorrow.

5 Belvidere Ave Blackheath had a verbal offer accepted.

104 Valley Rd Wentworth Falls is enjoying second inspections.

There was a delightful queue at the second Open Home of 23 Cook Rd Wentworth Falls.

There is heavy negotiation at 1A Bourne St Wentworth Falls.


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