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8 February 2021

News from the trenches! What’s going on?


I’m attending an Open House every weekend (except Christmas!).

I am talking to Sydney ‘Buyers’ in numbers each weekend.   

They are storming up here in increased numbers. 

My record stands at 100+ at 10 Goodare Street, Blackheath.

I’m approaching that now at 196 GWH Blackheath at 60+


BUYERS– they know what they want:-

1. They are looking for a “Sanctuary” away from the confined City.

2. The $cash in their Superfund is earning near enough to $0.

Therefore a rental porperty here seems an excellent idea- it is.


SELLERS – well they dont know what to do:- 

1. Will the market continue to rise and therefore hold on?

2. Do I want these “diseased” Covid-19 people in my home?

3. I still have not paid off my Christmas card!


This is all too hard-

“When in doubt do nothing!”


That means less stock coming on to market and the prices rising.


However the computer is a two edge sword!

1.The computer continues to reach thousands of people cheaply.

2. BUT the computer tells Buyers what the seller paid for it.

It also says what $ it might be worth. 


Prices are improving but not going through the roof!


Where is this all heading? 


Those who can foresee would be too wealthy to be reading this!

Frankly, I do not beleive this situation can continue.

Read the Bill Gates article on “The true virus is not Covid-19 but debt.”


However my Property Valuer Associate thinks this market will continue.

The Covid-19 situation drags on.

The reality of the vaccines not actually curing anything begins to sink in. 


On the other side of the trenches is the dreaded “No-Mans Land.”

There the razor wire is and the bomb craters are.


The market can truthfully be described as “volatile.” 

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