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Santa Claus and the Sydney “Silly Season”

26 September 2019

Will Santa be early this year and spoil the Springtime “roll out” of blooming new Listings?

Many Vendors believe that when their garden blooms so will the price of their property!

This can be wrong because of the number of people doing that!

There is more “competition on the market”.

Times recently have been very good, certainly for this Agency –

Due to the lack of properly marketed and correctly priced properties on the market much has SOLD.

30 Sunnyside “Sold and Settled”, 78 Valley Rd “Exchanged”, 51 Dalrymple with the best Open House in a year and a half and sold by that first Open House, 118 Gladstone Exchanged and Settling next week, the land at 42 Craigend probably gone too!

Now what happens?

Is Santa going to jam his fat self in the Real Estate chimney up here?

95%, and perhaps even more, of people coming to Open Houses are from Sydney.

The “Silly Season” – those Christmas parties starting in late October/November in Sydney.

These functions keep on becoming earlier and earlier as people get more enthusiastic to get guests accepting.

The mind therefore moves away from Real Estate!

The possibility of having to move house or repaint an investment over the Christmas period – and the tradies are gone on holidays!

The “Y Factor” some investment advisors use is also there. “Y” includes:-

  • International events such as the Saudi Arabia oil attack.
  • The general “Wall of Worry” still has to be climbed.
  • The romance with the Liberal Party is running into stiller waters.

Some other interesting questions remain –

Has the “$1 million+” wall gone or is it back?- probably back.

Conversely, Is the “Last of the under $600K disappearing?” OR NOT??

Interesting times.

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