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There’s no Safety in Covid-19 Numbers!

7 October 2020

There can be – in Real Estate – managed properly.

Thinking of Selling in the Covid-19 Environment!?
Thinking of attending an Open House?

Recently, I’ve had a number of elderly Vendors who have expressed fears as to Covid-19.
I’ve also had reports of “crowds” in Open House showings.

Obviously, with 95% of Vendors from Sydney, a “hotspot”, fears are founded.

It is now mandatory under Government Regulations to “Have a Plan”.
This should be in writing, and we certainly do have one, at the Open House (or Auction).

Further, the Real Estate Institute provides the copy for an appropriate sign – which we have!

Then, we have extra staff on hand, suitably masked and gloved-up.
Masks are to be worn and we are offering choices of sanitising or wearing gloves.

Of course all names, phone numbers and emails are taken.

We always had taken this information as part of our follow-up for “professional feedback”.
All are included in the growing number of Sydney Buyers on our Database.

Now, our Database holds well over 1,000 active Sydney Buyers!

Peculiarly, the Buyers know what they want – to buy something up here as a “sanctuary”!
Or simply move completely!

Peculiarly, Vendors tend to be adopting the “When in doubt do Nothing” approach!

The odd result of that is that prices are being held-up in a climate where JobKeeper is diminishing.
The Bank’s pressures looming large! – I’m just waiting for some publicity on a foreclosure.


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