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What’s Happening? Two Sales in Five Days!

16 August 2019

What’s going on?

I enjoyed the best Open House in a year and a half last week.

The house was packed full with those “escapees” from Sydney. All the usual complaints – the traffic, prices, and then a new one, the “Construction Certification” issue.

For Corners, ABC, is giving this topic airplay.

There may turn out to be hundreds of thousands of units involved in the last 10-20 years!

With that Sydney average price of $1,032,000 they can pay off their mortgage (or not!) and come up here and live very nicely.

The computer allows them to work from home at least a few days a week in these circumstances.

Highway’s in good shape, the lifestyle up here just gorgeous.


Yes, two houses sold in five days !!! –

51 Dalrymple Ave Wentworth Falls.

Beautifully modern styling for that perfect weekender or divine personal home.

118 Gladstone Rd Leura.

Prestige address in the cradle of the garden area, on a “double” block.


Both gone, five days.


Let’s see what happens to the new listing at an address yet to be announced in Wentworth Falls.

A solid brick home on the way from the village to the Conservation Hut.

Bushwalks proliferate everywhere.


Prices, according to my Professional Valuer connection, are approaching what they were in the boom at the end of 2017.

It’s all happening quietly and even the local vendors are unaware.

The “vacuum” as previously talked about means there simply isn’t much on the market, and local vendors haven’t woken up yet to the current situation.

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