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“John Chapman’s intimate knowledge of the area and local market was instrumental in getting us a good result. In challenging market conditions, it is critical to have an agent with an innovative approach, who is willing to work with and support you. John’s expertise as well as his extensive support network made the difference in our case.”

Hai Le

1A Kings Road Leura NSW 2780
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9-11 Braeside Street Blackheath NSW 2785
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9 Waratah Road Wentworth Falls NSW 2782
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Professional Valuation for every property

Unlike some other agencies, I offer a formal professional Valuation of your property at my cost! This is a great way to start the discussion about price and will assist in your property’s price positioning – even if you already have a price in mind. Advertising your property at the right price will also ensure good attendance at your Open Houses.

If you’d like to know more about the nitty-gritty, have a look at The Selling Process.

Assistance with property presentation

Making sure your property looks its best can be the difference between a successful sale or an unsellable disaster. As my Agency’s Principal I have the time and expertise to have discussions with you and assist with the presentation of your property. I’ll give you down-to-earth, practical advice for both inside and outside that can result in significant savings.

Personal attendance at every Open House

I attend every Open House until your property is SOLD! Large agencies don’t have the time or resources to send a senior agent to every open house. When selling with me, potential buyers are greeted by an agent who can answer ALL of their questions and even guide those that are interested into making an initial “best offer”.

Negotiable commission or Purple Bricks?

As the Principal I’m able to have an open discussion about fees and advertising costs. Our approach can vary depending on the nature of the property and the price range it is in. It’s surprising what can succeed in terms of a lower advertising budget even for million-dollar plus properties!

Why spend more for no real result?

Free legal advice

As an experienced solicitor, I understand the legal framework and the variations that can be negotiated to assist with the sale of your property. Have you thought about leasing back your own property while you look for somewhere to move to? Have you thought about inclusions and exclusions for things you want to take or leave? Are you going to exchange by a Cooling Off period or a Section 66W Certificate? I’ll help you navigate the legal steps involved in order to ensure a successful sale.

Superb Photography

In the majority of cases, the first contact that potential buyers have with your property is seeing the main photo online. This photo must be selected and produced carefully in order to encourage clicks and drive interest in your property. I use professional photography for all my listings (including drone shots!) and feature bright and light photos so your property looks its best. Our photography has received nothing but praise.
Have a look at my recent sales!

Four key factors affect the outcome of your sale

1 The percentage commission you pay

3 The accuracy and quality of your internet marketing

2 The amount of advertising you contribute

4 The quality of the salesman at your open houses

When selling with my agency, points 1 and 2 are negotiable!

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