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The Last Kick of the Can

21 April 2021

Is the Press Turning? Look at what’s happening now. News every night on the TV talks about Auctions and Sydney Prices rising. BUT 2 most interesting very recent stories are:  ‘Last Kick of the Can’ – The Age Article ‘Hints How Australian Housing Bubble Could Pop’ – Yahoo Finance Article   Are we in fact…

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“Tug of War”

9 April 2021

“House $ Price Party” vs “Haka from New Zealand”    The Age and Sydney Morning Herald published on April Fools Day?! “House price party will end in tears unless someone turns off lights soon.”   “If the Australian Property Market were a party, it’s at that point where the drinks should be put away, the…

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Front Line News – Upper Mountains Real Estate

8 February 2021

News from the trenches! What’s going on?   I’m attending an Open House every weekend (except Christmas!). I am talking to Sydney ‘Buyers’ in numbers each weekend.    They are storming up here in increased numbers.  My record stands at 100+ at 10 Goodare Street, Blackheath. I’m approaching that now at 196 GWH Blackheath at…

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There’s no Safety in Covid-19 Numbers!

7 October 2020

There can be – in Real Estate – managed properly. Thinking of Selling in the Covid-19 Environment!? Thinking of attending an Open House? Recently, I’ve had a number of elderly Vendors who have expressed fears as to Covid-19. I’ve also had reports of “crowds” in Open House showings. Obviously, with 95% of Vendors from Sydney,…

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Try Selling this Story!

27 July 2020

Fake news? “Difficult times”? JobKeeper changing! Bank moratoriums ending! There were three pirates burying treasure in a cave and one said to the other – “Tell us a story” … and this is how the story went … Prices did drop post February 2020, certainly on the day “The World ended”, 23 March 2020. The…

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What’s happening to property prices in the Upper Blue Mountains?

4 June 2020

At the moment – sideways probably. But where to from here? Where is that crystal ball? What will happen when JobKeeper ends in September 2020? I thought we would have a “Mexican Stand-off”. “I won’t SELL unless you pay me my “boom time” price”. “I won’t BUY unless you give me a COVID-19 discount %”. That’s…

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24 April 2020

Anyone who predicts, now, what will happen to Real Estate this year is either lying or silly or both! The problem right now is Schedule 1 “Reasonable Excuses” of the Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020 (NSW) legislation. Order clause 8 – it is legal to travel “…inspecting a potential new…

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Getting Ready to Sell?

27 February 2020

It’s said a ‘Buyer’ might make up their mind in the first 15 seconds!! Certainly ‘first impressions’ are important! So let’s look at the front gate, even the📮letterbox! Front door🚪? Flyscreen? 🌳🌷Front garden?? If these are in need of repair or paint, how has the rest of the property been maintained?? Now what about a…

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1 February 2020

FILM REMADE – The escape from Sydney is back on – big time! There was a lot of “talk” as to what the FIRES might do to this country including Real Estate $ value! The turnover of local businesses was dramatically affected during this ghastly period. However I have now had two weekends of Open…

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Santa Claus and the Sydney “Silly Season”

26 September 2019

Will Santa be early this year and spoil the Springtime “roll out” of blooming new Listings? Many Vendors believe that when their garden blooms so will the price of their property! This can be wrong because of the number of people doing that! There is more “competition on the market”. Times recently have been very…

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What’s Happening? Two Sales in Five Days!

16 August 2019

What’s going on? I enjoyed the best Open House in a year and a half last week. The house was packed full with those “escapees” from Sydney. All the usual complaints – the traffic, prices, and then a new one, the “Construction Certification” issue. For Corners, ABC, is giving this topic airplay. There may turn…

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25 July 2019

What is really happening up here? Talking with my Valuer earlier this week he reminded me that :- The market peaked in October 2017. The bottom of the market was November-December 2018. He had a gut feeling that we are just below the October 2017 levels. However, a “vacuum” appears to have developed. What may…

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The Sydney Unit Scare May Impact on Blue Mountains Real Estate Prices

28 June 2019

  Any unit built in Sydney in the last 10 years, certainly since the deregulation of Certification, may be a bad investment. Senior Conveyancer Dale Turner is reported as advising he would want any recently built Sydney unit RECERTIFIED before purchase! Where would a Sydney investor put their money? Again, what does “A MILLION DOLLARS”…

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21 June 2019

A MILLION $ DOLLARS  Here ?   OR There?   Where would you spend $1 million? In Sydney, a residence on 750 sqm was recently marketed at more than $1 million on a main road in a well known suburb 45 minutes from the CBD, or 40 minutes with tolls ! OR In the Upper…

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DIVORCE! Upper Mountains and Sydney Markets to Separate?

16 May 2019

Sydney’s median price still just exceeds $1 million and according to the latest reports (see below) “home prices … State capitals stopped falling last week …” Of course other Sydney press continues to report that “the pace of monthly price declines has slowed compared to what was seen late last year …” How those two…

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A ‘Jesus Cloud!’ – Perhaps more than “a little ray of sunshine”?

21 March 2019

My sister had an expression “a Jesus Cloud” meaning those wonderful clouds that part often in the midst of a storm and let a big ray of sunshine hit the ground. Recently I discussed “a Little Ray of Sunshine” with a return of buyers to Upper Blue Mountains ‘Open Houses’. Well, in the last two…

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The Buying Process

21 February 2019

This begins with your enquiry at an Open House and then what usually happens is –  1.    PRICE Discussions take place as to price between you and me, the Agent present on site, and that offer is then taken to the Vendor. Your verbal non-binding Offer is accepted, perhaps after further negotiation, by the Vendor. Your $…

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“Headbutting” Vendors and Buyers in “Mexican Standoff” – A Silly Time

30 January 2019

If the power of the press wasn’t shown in the replacement of Malcolm Turnbull then it is clearly shown in what is happening in the property market, certainly here in the Upper Blue Mountains. The Sydney press has been relentless! It’s as though someone is, in Stock Exchange terms, “shorting” property. Here are some headlines…

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A Little Ray of Sunshine?!

30 January 2019

I am surprised how many comments I got back from my last mailout “Headbutting Vendors and Buyers in Mexican standoff – a silly time”. Over Christmas there was a surprising, considering the “standoff”, level of enquiry. Better still a few Vendors decided to “give it a go”. The Sydney Press is still “at it” and…

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