“Good” or “Bad”

“There Is Nothing Either Good or Bad But Thinking Makes It So”.
–          Hamlet 2, 2, 248

 Sales in the Upper Mountains

& Interest Rate Rises

RECORD SALES: Giddy Heights of 97 Sales Bullaburra to Mount Vic in November 2021,

RECENT SALES HISTORY: 63 in December 2021, This year 33 in Jan, 63 in Feb, 67 in March, 55 in April, 44 in May and in 55 June.

The media loves extremes – it was “Price Rises” now it’s negativity, “Interest Rate Rises”.

Yesterday’s RBA “1.35%” Repayments. “50 basis points”!

Shock Horror! $50 a week more for $500,000 mortgage! GOSH!

Like ‘Stocks and Shares’, the Buyers have to “climb the wall of worry”!

This media is stopping some from even thinking about borrowing. $50 A WEEK?!

The biggest impact? – Buyer Perception.

 Perception? What has changed?

Looking at the last two months, Sales have increased by some 20%!

It is really a tiny market up here – a “Safe Bet”, a “Place to Retreat To”.

As the Sydney and Melbourne (!) population decreases, where are they going to?

No prizes for that guess – just look at the traffic here on weekends!

Its “Up Here”.

We have very few auctions up here – just not enough “registered paddles”.

So, Sydney auction rates are irrelevant.

What is relevant is the wrestle between people’s “wish price” being well above “market price”.

Particularly those Buyers using the abundance of information available on their computer.

It will take time for Sellers to realistically assess market price, probably as it always was.

You can’t get away with a “silly wish price” anymore.

However, marketing properly at what a good salesman can achieve SELLS.

Perhaps that explains the 44 sales in May – a Turning Point?

And now the increase in the number of sales from 44 up to 55 in June – reality working?

And the western Airport is yet to arrive – look at the media fun at Botany Airport.


Do so perhaps before interest rates may rise again.


Well, lower interest rates can be “locked in” right now.

The Winter Solstice has passed. Onwards to Spring and selling freshly coloured gardens.

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