Wild Times – Wild Ideas

What a difference a month – four weeks can make!!

Our lovely media has turned its attention to “Shock Horror” Interest rate rises!

The Stock Exchange and its Market has gone to a “Fiery Hell”.

So, what now?

Well, people with property know about “Bricks and Mortar” they are there for the long haul.

Here are a couple of Wild Ideas

1.This might be the right time to Buy a Bigger Property

It’s the top end of the market is getting cheaper –

So, sell what you have and buy upwards!

Then wait.

 2. What about selling now and renting for a while as perhaps the market softens?

And then you return with a purchase.

 3. Have a  $ bet on the “2 Speed Market”

How much more will the City $ prices drop than the Upper Blue Mountains?

Maybe you will Sell? – Our Camera crew and Internet awaits.

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